Looking for a way to help AFSC advance its mission?  Interested in getting involved with the Board of Directors or with a regional or national committee of AFSC?
If so, Standing Nominating Committee (SNC) invites you to nominate yourself or to recommend someone else!

This information will allow SNC to develop a pool of qualified candidates. The information provided here is held as confidential and will be used by the Standing and Regional Nominating Committees only for the purpose of filling vacant governance positions.

SNC accepts nominations year-round.

Guidelines for Submitting

Please select the appropriate form below to either indicate your interest or to recommend the name of someone else who may be interested in AFSC committee service at this time or sometime in the future.
For the best experience when completing the form, we recommend you:

  • Allot 10 or more uninterrupted minutes to complete.
  • Review the entire form before completing to familiarize yourself with its contents.
  • Have your resume or CV readily available, it may help in completing some of the requested information.
  • Draft and edit responses in a separate Word document, then paste them into the online form.
  • Use the recommended browser based on your operating system/device.
    • For Windows: Internet Explorer
    • For Mac: Safari
    • For iPad: Google Chrome

Important Note: Once you begin, you will not be able to save your responses and return to them later. Please allow adequate time to complete the form prior to submitting.


SNC Call for Nominations 2019-2020.pdfSNC Call for Nominations 2019-2020
AFSC Governance groups_description, skills, time and membership requirements.docxAFSC Governance groups_description, skills, time and membership requirements