How to use Skype for Business to access meetings

Skype for Business (S4B or SfB, formerly Lync) is a web conferencing tool used by the AFSC. S4B is  different from the consumer version of Skype, so Skype users should not expect to join a S4B meeting using regular Skype. You don't need S4B installed on your computer, but should install the S4B Web App (aka "Skype Meetings App") to participate.

To access a meeting that has been set up on Skype for Business, you should go to the calendar event (or email) that contains the connection information and click the "Join" link.

  • To test your computer set up and ensure your systems are working with S4B, you can use the Join Meeting link from your meeting invitation.  It's ok if the meeting is in the future; you can enter with the link at any time.  

  • Only certain meetings have phone access enabled. If the connection information does not have a phone number, that means the meeting does not have phone conferencing and you must participate on your computer or using the mobile apps.

Basic functions: The most important keys are at the bottom of the meeting window.

S4B Infographic.gif

 To start using the S4B web app

To install the app: When you click the meeting link, it should open a web page where you can download and install the app. This only takes a few moments, but you will have to click "allow" or "run" or something along those lines to make it go. If prompted, also allow it access to your audio/video devices.

To troubleshoot audio: Click on the ellipses (...) in the bottom right corner of the meeting window and select "Meeting Options." Then click on "Audio Device" in the list on the left. You can then select and test the various speakers and microphones connected to your computer. 

To share your screen or files: Make sure you are listed as a "Presenter" in the participant list. If not, ask a Presenter to make you one.

 Using a mobile app

  • Download the app ahead of time:  iOS or Android 
  • Using the S4B app requires log-in credentials.
    • If you have access to StarCafe, use the same username (in email form, e.g., and password to log in.

 Using the full version of S4B on a PC

​To troubleshoot audio: Click on the audio button.PNG button in the bottom left corner of your S4B window (the window where you can see all your contacts and meetings) and then select "Audio Device Settings." You can then select and test the various speakers and microphones connected to your computer. 

To start a recording: Click on the ellipses (...) in the bottom right corner of the meeting window. The top option should say "Start a recording." You will have to keep your computer on and plugged in after you stop the recording so it can process and download to your computer. You will receive a notification when the process is complete.

 Using a Mac

On Macs, you will have to download the S4B desktop app. You will also be able to join as a guest, but this interface looks quite different from the Windows version.

 To set up additional meetings:

If you are AFSC staff, you can use the "Add Skype Meeting" option in Outlook to schedule a S4B meeting.

  • We suggest using the full version of Outlook rather than the online portal. This allows you more options in the set up.
  • If you need phone access to your meeting, contact MSS to discuss having that option enabled for your account.

If you are not AFSC staff, contact your support team to set the meeting up for you. 

 If you run into any issues, please contact the IT H​elpdesk.

For urgent matters, please call rather than email. The Helpdesk normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7am until 5pm Eastern US time.