​Changes to the User Interface of the Star Cafe:  The Big Picture.

The Star Café is changing to a “responsive theme”, so that it automatically adjusts how it displays for various size devices, making it easier to use on tablets and smart phones.  The use of tablets and smart phones have become more prevalent among AFSC Staff and members of governance bodies, and converting to a responsive theme is part of the IT Department's commitment to making the Star Cafe more usable and productive.  This development is achieved in two phases:

  1. Phase 1.  Applied to the entire Star Cafe by mid April, 2016.  This phase provides some enhancements to the user interface and navigation, plus some limited  "responsive" features.  Details of these changes are described below.
  2. Phase 2.   This phase makes the room more fully responsive.  It will be applied to the Star Cafe on a site by site (room by room) basis, in collaboration with the room owner.  As of mid-April, 2016, this has been applied to the Star Cafe Home Page, Service Centers and a very few additional rooms.


 Changes to the Star Cafe user interface during Phase 1.

Changes to the user interface when viewed with a desktop or laptop computer.  (Click here to see an illustration of these changes.)

  1. Color – The first update that you will notice is that the color scheme is no longer the same, changing from blue to red.  
  2. Top Links – You’ll notice that the top links are now not only larger and more prevalent, but have moved down a little and start at the left of the screen underneath the Star Café logo instead of beside it to the right. 
  3. Room Title – The title is in a new location as the top links and title have both moved to below the Star Café logo.  The title is also a little smaller. 
  4. Breadcrumbs – You’ll now notice that to the right of the title and below the Top Links, there are now Breadcrumbs available for easier navigation.  Use these to easily move between different levels of the Star Café and more specifically the site you are on. 
  5. QuickLaunch (the left hand navigation bar) -- In the desktop/laptop view the only difference in the quick launch is that it is a bit larger, making it a little more prevalent and extending it further onto the main pages.  
  6. Floating up-arrow -- Another new feature in the new vivid theme is a floating up arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the page that appears as you scroll down.  Clicking on this arrow will return you to the top of the page. 
  7. Possible increase of width -- Depending on the page, it is possible that the content on the page will "stretch" horizontally, requiring the need to scroll to the right to see the right-most content.  This would be corrected in Phase 2.


Changes to the user interface ("limited responsiveness") when viewed on a mobile device (in addition to those indicated above).

  • On a Tablet:
    • Some of the elements on the page may stack vertically, rather than horizontally.
    • Some of the wording in the QuickLaunch or on the page itself may wrap into a smaller space.
  • On a Smart Phone (in addition to the changes indicated for the Tablet, above):
    • Breadcrumbs move to below the Room Title.
    • Top Links are now accessed by clicking on a menu button (three lines), which presents the Top Link options vertically in a drop-down format.
    • Some lists (of documents or other information) may display only three items, with a link to view "more".
    • The QuickLaunch disappears.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the IT Helpdesk (helpdesk@afsc.org or 800-500-2372 or 215-241-7850).