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An official charge or description of each committee and the expectations for committee members has been hyperlinked below, where available.

Main Governance Groups
         Friends Relations Committee
         Standing Nominating Committee
Board of Directors

Board Committees, Task Groups & Sub-Committees
The role of a Board Committee is to season matters needing board attention and action and give the board the advantage of advice and recommendations that have received deep reflection and analysis before coming for board action. The role of a Board Task Group is to advise and bring recommendations to the Board in one particular area of work for which the Board has overall responsibility. Sub-Committees are appointed when a Board Committee has need for assistance with a particular facet of its work. The role of a Sub-Committee is to fulfill the charge given by its parent Board Committee.

Audit Committee
Governance Committee
Community, Equality and Justice Committee
         Third World Coalition Sub-Committee
Program Committee
Stewardship Committee
         Investment Sub-Committee
Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Task Force

Quaker United Nations Committee

Board and Regional Executive Committees
Members of the Board Executive Committee and the other five Executive Committees are appointed by the Board, following nomination by the Standing Nominating Committee. Executive Committee governance authority is limited to that which has been delegated to it by the Board of Directors and may not be further delegated to any other group.

Board Executive Committee
US Regional and International Program Executive Committees


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